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High-quality linen-like napkins serve as a disposable option for typically linen environments. Paper napkins are an excellent direct sale addition to product bundles.

Hand Towels

The right hand towel program either reduces direct costs or per usage costs. Having the right program can save you and your customers money.

Bath Tissue

Comfort, size, and service; facial tissue and toilet tissue are the products that do the dirty work. Tissue is a must-have in every hygiene product bundle.

Hand Care

Proper use of hand soap and sanitizers reduces cross-contamination and the spread of germs. In turn it keeps employees and customers happy and healthy.

Hand Care - Industrial

Your automotive and industrial customers need more than standard soaps to remove grease and soil. Fit them with a traditional pumice soap, or a soy soap that uses walnut shells instead of pumice.

Odor Control

Odors elicit the strongest emotional responses. Make sure your customers have a positive experience by taking control of the fragrances they detect.

Floor Care

Today, slips and falls are the biggest potential liability in any business with a door. Proper floor care, and proper mopping products are necessary to keep floors safe and clean.

Can Liners

Trash bags may seem simple, but choosing the right bags and program can save money that many businesses are literally throwing away.

Drain Maintenance

Keeping drains clear of grease and sugars is a necessary fight against the odors, pests, and bacteria that grease and sugar attract. Regular drain maintenance can pay for itself when compared to expensive alternatives.

Matching Dispensers

A full line of coordinated paper, tissue, soap and air fresheners to fit any decor.


Probiotics are natural micro-organisms that help to clean up organic material such as animal or vegetable based oils, fats and grease. They can also protect surfaces from germs and pathogens.