Know Who We Are

R.L. Williams Company is a family owned and operated, second generation national provider of paper, hygiene, cleaning and related products serving linen rental, uniform and dust control companies. Our customers distribute our line of products to their Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial and Outpatient Healthcare customers. Our loyal distributors experience our commitment to their business each and every day:

  • Quality products with high customer satisfaction ratings
  • On-time, high fill rate delivery
  • Support programs including:
    • Online sales training with testing and analytics; web conference meetings; in-person branch training and field sales calls; promotions; sampling and customized solutions to help our distributors grow and retain customers. The right product mix for each distributors' business

Bob Williams - A Pioneer

Bob Williams' a pioneer in distributing products to broaden the offerings for linen rental companies shares his enjoyment in building R.L. Williams Company with strong customer relationships.

We started small with our initial offering, working with a few linen rental companies who added our innovative systems and then presented the products to their customers.

News of their success was quickly shared with their friends in other parts of the country and growth has been enjoyed since that time.

Fundamental Principles from Founder, Bob Williams

Quality products, outstanding service and on-going assistance to our customers in selling through the right products to their customers is the core of our principles.

Success is assured through training and in aiding each employee to continue to build their business with the right mix of products while servicing their linen rental customers. Following these fundamental principles has brought me personally great satisfaction, a lifetime of friendships in the industry, and the opportunity to pass on this business and its core beliefs to my children.

Our customers know that we are in this for the long haul, R.L. Williams Company will never lose sight of the importance of maintaining trust and assistance at the highest level.


Technology at the Heart of R.L. Williams Company

We have taken the original principles laid out by Bob Williams and combined it with innovation to reach more distributor individuals, more customers, and more overall success for our community of linen rental customers.

High definition web based video conferencing from our corporate office creates accessible training from any device at our customer's office, on the road, or before a customer meeting. This advanced system ties all of the individuals from the distribution centers to the service centers together with a common understanding and plan to promote products that are just the right selection for each customer.Please join us in our video conference room to make the most of our technology designed for our customers.The future is bright for R.L. Williams Company. To learn more please watch this complete interview with Bob Williams, Tracy High and Rob Williams.