RLW Facilities Services Academy

A one-of-a-kind training program that bundles time tested route sales training with video conferencing and online courses to educate, quiz, and report results back to management. Participation in the RLW Facilities Services Academy ensures each sales asset learns market knowledge, product features and benefits, and the key selling points of each facility services product.


In order to understand the benefits of RLW Facilities Services Academy, first you have to understand the limitations of current training programs. Route sales training used to end at riding routes and a handful of sales, and then "train the trainer" which could last for a couple weeks. It has always failed to reach every route, handle frequent route turnover, or report any results to branch and executive management. RLW Facilities Services Academy is a training game changer that does more than ever before. Our distributors benefit from detailed product training, continued support and reporting, and the ability to train even the most remote locations. Comprehensive coverage and consistent support is the only way to build a sustained route growth program year-over-year. On demand online courses ae available for any new hire, and regular reporting to management demonstrates results and effectiveness of branch training.


Distributor Training

Complete product and sales knowledge from a team of industry professionals

Online Training
  • Always available to train or retrain
  • Customizable to product offering
  • Reports for management
  • Learn features/benefits
  • Selling and closing techniques
On-Site Training
  • Full engagement with branches
  • Train in route sales meetings
  • Advanced training for sales
  • Customer visits to demonstrate results
One-to-One Training
  • Video conferencing
  • Ongoing support
  • Record and review meetings
  • Regular support for contests or product launches
Other Core Features
  • Sales Staff Values Training
  • Videos for Introduction
  • Videos for Sales Scenario Training
  • Testing Reinforce Learning
  • Brochures for Sales Calls