Distributor Support through
Bundling of Products, Programs and Training

Distributor Support

R.L. Williams Company was established exclusively to provide an additional profit center opportunity to B2B Distributors. Bob Williams, the founder, used his broad knowledge of the industry to build a successful distribution system for products and services that offer:

Quality products with high customer satisfaction ratings. On-time, high fill rate delivery supporting programs that pull through the products with online training, testing and analytics; web conference meetings; in-person branch training and field sales calls; print sales material; promotions; contests; sampling; customized key account proposals and sales calls; customer portals for easy file sharing and other solutions based on specific distributor needs.



R.L. Williams supports our distributors, large and small, regionally or nationally. We provide a plan that best fits our distributors' markets served, their sales and route staff.

We strive to exceed the goals of corporate headquarters. The R.L. Williams team of seasoned, loyal industry professionals present both new products & programs and offer alternatives for improving current products that deliver clear advantages. Bundled products, programs and training for proven route growth.

Improved Operations Through Bundling

Bundling allows R.L. Williams to streamline products through warehouses. It reduces fill rates and order lead times for our customers, allowing them to more easily control their inventory through just-in-time delivery.

Bundling Products for Marketing and Service

Distributors and customers don't have time to design their own hygiene programs by researching `a la carte options. R.L. Williams offers experienced advice and bundling options so customers can have a complete program designed specifically to be serviced with ease.

Bundling Improved Service and Products with Exceptional Training

Our partners don't want to hire a staff of trainers to travel the country training only a fraction of employees. Now RLW Facility Services Academy offers product specific online training, anytime, anywhere, without limits.

Using Technology to Stay One Step Ahead of Other Suppliers

Web-Based Conference Room

Online Training & Testing

Achieve Common Goals
Bundling Improves Operations, Marketing and Service